Join CCR course screening committees!


Contributed by Jack Rossen

We are still looking for faculty members to join course screening committees in coordination with the Committee for College-Wide Requirements

These committees will determine if proposed courses meet the SLOs for the new ICC Themes and Attributes and thus if courses will receive an ICC designation. Each theme and attribute has a committee consisting of CCR members plus faculty with relevant expertise:

Themes committees:

    Identities: Who are we and how do we distinguish ourselves from others?

                 Inquiry, Imagination, and Innovation: How do we know what we know?


                 Mind, Body, Spirit: What does it mean to be a balanced person?

                 The Quest for a Sustainable Future: How do we sustain a growing population
        in a world of limited resources?

                 A World of Systems: How do people make sense of and navigate complexity?

                 Power and Justice: How are they related and how can they be balanced?

Attribute committees:

              Diversity (D)

             Quantitative Literacy (Q)

            Writing Intensive (W)

Please contact Jack Rossen at if you are interested.

Thanks!  Jack