Hourly/Non-exempt Staff Who are on the Approved Driver List: Need some extra cash for the holidays? Earn Time and a Half while helping the Ithaca College Department of Physics!


Contributed by Jill Ackerman

The department of Physics needs an hourly/non-exempt staff member who is an APPROVED DRIVER, for Public Viewing Night this Friday, November 30th from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Drive a ten passenger van on shuttle runs carrying people to and from the Smiddy/CHS turn-around and the Clinton B. Ford Observatory. You will earn your hourly rate up to 40 hours for the week, HOWEVER, we can pay you TIME AND A HALF for any time that is above and beyond a normal 40 hour work week. 

If interested, please email the Physics Department Assistant, Jill Ackerman, at jackerman@ithaca.edu

 asap (thank you!).