What do food labels really say?


Contributed by Melissa Colden

Come find out!  Tuesday Nov 13 in HILL 59.  12:15-1:00.  

Refreshments will be served, but bring your lunch to enjoy while we share some not-so-common-knowledge about the information our food labels contain. 

Food labels are the most widely used and most readily available resource we have to choose healthy foods.  Do you know enough about a food label to make a truly informed decision? 

Topics include: 

- how to find the KEY information for your health needs 

- what terms like "natural" or "organic" or "free range" REALLY mean 

- & what companies DON'T have to tell you on the label  


Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Christina Larrabee at clarrab1@ithaca.edu. We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible.