Maria DiFrancesco (Modern Languages and Literatures) publishes book chapter


Contributed by Julia Cozzarelli

 Maria DiFrancesco’s book chapter, “Transcending a Watery Border: Unsettled Bodies and In-Between Subjects in Por la vía de Tarifa,” was just published in a volume entitled Global Issues in Contemporary Hispanic Women's Writing: Shaping Gender, the Environment, and Politics (Routledge Studies in Contemporary Literature).

 The editors of the book, Estrella Cibreiro (Holy Cross) and Francisca López (Bates College), affirm that through this project, they seek to “explore the contributions of Hispanic women writers to ongoing Western debates on gender, power, ethics, and the environment, offering a wide range of essays that specifically portray the ways in which contemporary writers focus on issues of global impact in a deliberate and purposeful manner.” The book is now available at