Compliments of Weight Watchers Health Solutions ~ Quickbites: January 7th Edition


Contributed by Christine Haase

(Posted on behalf of Traci Shoemaker, Corporate Account Manager ~ WW Health Solutions. Please refer to the Intercom announcement dated 12/20/2012 for information about registering for our Weight Watchers At Work meetings.)

Happy New Year! 

I hope you enjoy this latest edition of Quickbites. Please pass along the below Quickbites to your employees to support health and wellness in your workplace.  

Our WW360 program not only teaches employees how to eat healthy, but how to live healthy.

...Wishing you well in 2013,

Traci Shoemaker
Corporate Account Manager ~ WW Health Solutions




If you overdid it a bit during the holidays, you’re not alone. We all take a break from our routines every so often. But now that we’re a week into the New Year, it’s a great time to get back on track – and our new Quickbites is here to help!

Our first article, “Reverse a Holiday Gain” offers four simple and painless strategies to help you get back to your healthy habits. And in “Produce Power” you’ll learn how one small change: eating veggies or fruit with every meal and snack, can have a positive impact on your progress.

Having trouble sticking to your fitness routines? “4 Fitness Resolutions You Can Keep” gives you tips on how to make small, achievable changes that add up to big results.

And finally, of course, a great recipe. Our “Pot-Luck Pasta Salad” lets you use up what’s in your fridge to customize a filling dish with a PointsPlus® Value of just 4!

Happy New Year! Back in two weeks.


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