Seven Anthropology Dept Students Present at NEAA Conference, College Park Maryland


Contributed by Jack Rossen

IC made a strong showing at the Northeastern Anthropological Association (NEAA) Annual Conference, held at the University of Maryland in College Park on March 1 and 2, 2013. There were six student oral presentations, one poster, one faculty presentation, and one recent alumnus presentation, all from the Anthropology Department.

Special thanks to the EGI Committee for a grant that supported travel and lodging! All student presentations were original research with strong theoretical grounding. Students were also able to attend the National Musuem of American History, National Museum of the American Indian, the National Archives, Cathedral, Gallery and Zoo. Faculty sponsors were Brooke Hansen, Jack Rossen, Sue-Je Gage and Felicia Madimenos.

Hannah Antonson '13 “Human-Animal Bonds Treat PTSD

Mary Bowers  '13 “The Limitations of an Environment: Students with Disabilities at a Small Liberal Arts College

Cindy Fuentes '13 “Pediatric Nutrition and Early Childhood Development in Guatemala

Brieanna Mele '13 “Folk Beliefs as an Expression of Catholic Identity: Perspectives from Contemporary America

Macy O’Hearn  '14 “Ground Stone Artifacts and Occupational Specialization at the Corey Site

Sarah Ward  '14 “A Case Study on the Significance of Hoe Blades


Brittany Kenyon '13 “The Effects of Social Interaction on Non-Human Primate Diets

IC Alumnus presentation

Daniel Weller ’12 “An Ethnoarchaeological Analysis of Tompkins County, New York: Are Central Place Theory and the Von Thunen Model Useful for Intepreting Sociopolitical Patterns on a Regional Scale?”

Faculty presentation:

Jack Rossen “Reflections on Corey, A Small and Intimate 16th Century Cayuga Village in Central New York