2013 FLEFF Guests Announced!


Contributed by Patricia Zimmermann

50 guests from Canada, Korea, China, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Iran, Uganda, Germany, and the US will be sharing their films, videos, new media, music, writing, arts, and industry work at the 2013 Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF).

The festival runs April 1 through April 7, on the Ithaca College campus and downtown at Cinemapolis.  This year's theme is MOBILITIES.

For on campus and Cinemapolis schedules, as well as bios of all guests, go to our website, www.ithaca.edu/fleff


2013 FLEFF Guests

Robby Aceto (musician) 

Allison Adams (musician) 

Charles Ahearn (film director)

Mansoor Behnan (film director)

Jason Bernagozzi (new media artist)

John Bowermaster (journalist, filmmaker) 

Rodrigo Brandao (film distributor)  

Cloud Chamber Orchestra (electronic/acoustic experimental music)

John Columbus (film curator)

Laura Coppens (film producer)

Nicholas DiEugenio (violinist)

Dominca Dipio (film scholar, film director)  

Peter Dodge (musician) 

Vanessa Domico (film distributor)   

Sarah DuPont (film producer)

Lisa Figge (filmmaker)

Jairo Geronymo (pianist)

Grady Girls (band)

Vincent Grenier (filmmaker)

Carlos Gutierrez (film distributor)

Jason Harrington (animator)

Brad Hougham (baritone)

Cynthia Henderson(actress) 

Yong Ki Jeong (film director)

Kevin Lee (film critic/film distributor)  

Rhoda Linton (filmmaker/activist)

Deb Martin (pianist)

Kelly Matheson (producer/activist/attorney)  

Montieth McCollum (filmmaker)

Philip McMichael (food sovereignty scholar) 

Evan Meaney (new media artist)

Wendy Mehne (flute)

Ulises Mejias (new media scholar)

Ann Michel (filmmaker/producer)

Elizabeth Miller (filmmaker/new media artist)

Peter Miller (film director) 

Tomonari Nishikawa (filmmaker)

Jorge Garcia Nunez (community media activist) 

Benay Rubinstein (producer)

Sonali Samarasinghe (writer/attorney) 

John Scott (filmmaker) 

Toivo (band)

Josh Tucker (film director/producer) 

Bernie Upson Quartet (band)

Chris White (cellist) 

Bo Wang (film director)

Phil Wilde (cinematographer/film director)



Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Patricia Zimmermann at patty@ithaca.edu or (607) 274-3431. We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible.