Athletic Training Faculty and PT Student Co-Author Publication


Contributed by Paul Geisler

A physical therapy student and 2 athletic training faculty from the Department of Exercise & Sport Sciences crossed disciplinary boundaries in co-authoring a case study manuscript, which is to be published soon in the Journal of Athletic Enhancement.

Physical therapy student Tim Reynolds, Class of 2015, Chris Hummel, MS, ATC, Clinical Associate Professor and Paul R. Geisler, EdD, ATC, Associate Professor and Director of Athletic Training Education recently had a case study manuscript accepted for publication in the Journal of Athletic Enhancement. Entitled, "Deep Vein Thrombosis in a Collegiate Female Soccer Player: A Case & Evidence Supported Review", the paper details the unique case of a healthy and young collegiate soccer player developing multiple DVTs following a minor knee injury and subsequent international travel. Interestingly, the case fit beautifully into the known and reported evidence according to Well's Prediction Rules, all except for the age, relative health status, and injury status of the patient in question.