Meet the newly elected representatives for the 2013 - 2014 SGA and Senior Class!


Contributed by Ayesha Patel

 Student Government Association and Senior Class elections for the 2013 - 2014 academic year are officially over! Thank you to all who took time to vote. Listed below are the newly elected SGA Executive Board, Senior Class Executive Board, and SGA Senate!

SGA Executive Board
President: Cedrick-Michael Simmons
Vice President of Academic Affairs: Isuru Somasinghe
Vice President of Business & Finance: Matt Orama
Vice President of Campus Affairs: Willa Erickson
Vice President of Communications: Dominick Recckio

Senior Class Executive Board
President: Erin Smith
Vice President: K.C. Weston
Director of Communications: Andrew Becker
Director of Finance: Jenny Barish
Director of Marketing: Juan Tamayo

SGA Senate
Class of 2014 Senators
- Marissa Osowsky
- Katelyn Madison
Class of 2015 Senators
- Jonathon Cummings
- Joshua Couce
- Neal Anderson
- Mia O'Brien
Class of 2016 Senators
- Elijah Breton
- Attila Mendli
- Sean Themea
- Victoria Hathaway
School Senators
- Esther Kim (HSHP)
- Robert Hohn (H&S)
- Crystal Kayiza (Park)
- Brandon Xing (Business)