Project Look Sharp's Sox Sperry Publishes on Media Literacy Education as Part of the Food Justice Movement


Contributed by Ari Kissiloff

 This Month's issue of “GreenLeaf: The Newsletter of Greenstar Cooperative Market” contains Sox's article which connects Food Justice to the work Project Look Sharp (Based at Ithaca College) conducts in the area of Media Literacy.

 An excerpt:

"On February 18, during a community discussion at the library on the enduring importance of Black History Month, someone asked about how educators can most effectively engage student dialogue in a society shaped by institutions of racial entitlement and oppression. Dr. Margaret Washington and Dr. Robert Harris both said that it was through the use of contemporary media, especially film, that students can be stimulated to look more deeply into the critical questions about justice and resistance. Project Look Sharp, an educational initiative of the School of Humanities and Sciences at Ithaca College, develops awareness of the primacy of media in our children’s world as the basis for developing an innovative approach to media literacy education."  read more