Exercise Science faculty collaborate with Duke Integrative Medicine faculty and publish a systematic review of Health Coaching literature in Global Advances in Health and Medicine Journal.


Contributed by Jackie Wandell

Gary Sforzo, PhD and Miranda Kaye, PhD and Justine Vosloo, PhD of the Deapartment of Exercise & Sport Sciences, in collaboration with faculty from Duke's Integrative Medicine program, co-authored:  "A Systematic Review of the Literature on Health and Wellness Coaching: Defining a Key Behavioral Intervention in Healthcare"  in Global Advances in Health and Medicine Journal. 

This paper defines Health Coaching and provides parameters for the practice of this new and promising clinical field.  Health coaching is an interactive process that guides any individaul toward personal best practices for optimizing healthy behavior.   If you have any questions about the paper or health coaching in general feel free to contact one of the IC authors or the Wellness Clinic (x1301).