Human Subjects Research (HSR) and You


Contributed by MaryAnn Taylor

Contributed by Wade Pickren, PhD
Director, Center for Faculty Excellence
Director, Sponsored Research

The All-College Review Board for Human Subjects Research (HSR) Committee welcomes new Board members Bhavani Arabandi, Brandy Bessette-Symons, Sue-Je Gage, William Ryan, and Alison Shields, as well as our new community Board member Cynthia Massicci from Longview.  I would also like to congratulate Melinda Cozzolino who was appointed HSR Chair for AY2013-2014. 

HSR is responsible for reviewing all College research and teaching activities conducted by faculty, staff, and students that involve the use of human subjects. 

If you are uncertain whether your project requires review, or if you plan to submit an HSR proposal in the coming semester, please visit the HSR website found at the Center for Faculty Excellence website under Sponsored Research.

This website was recently redesigned with new application forms, examples and instructions, proposal submission deadlines, committee meeting dates, and a listing of members. 

If your research is federally funded, all researchers listed on the proposal (faculty and students and/or staff) must complete CITI training in the ethical and responsible conduct of research. 

For questions, additional information, or support in preparing and submitting proposals, please contact