Ordering merchandise? A reminder about our trademark and licensing program.


Contributed by Rachel Reuben

A couple of years ago the college filed for federal trademarks and created a licensing program for merchandise that use the college's name, logos, nickname and other protected terms. Any vendor that creates merchandise is required to become licensed and seek approval for all products being designed, ordered and produced. On campus groups and departments wanting to order custom merchandise must use one of our more than 100 licensed and approved vendors.

Merchandise includes any products that vendors create (apparel, bags, mugs, pens, etc.) whether they are distributed internally, sold internally by on-campus organizations, or sold by external retailers or vendors. To maintain the college's brand identity and visual standards, the licensing program has a set of approved colors and types of fonts that merchandise may be produced in. For an at-a-glance version of this program, please visit the licensing website

If you have any questions, or to learn more about the licensing program, visit ithaca.edu/licensing, email licensing@ithaca.edu or call the Office of Marketing Communications at 607-274-3830.