Photography Professor Ron Jude's collaborative book project named one of the best photobooks of the year by TIME


Contributed by Ron Jude

Lost Home, the collaborative book project published by Super Labo (Tokyo), was selected by Natalie Matutschovsky (senior photo editor, TIME) as one of the best photography books of 2013. Professor Jude contribued one of the eleven book works in the slip-cased set.

"Every photo editor is at times tempted to imagine how different artists might respond to the same story. Publisher Yasunori Hoki explores this question in his compilation book Lost Home. Hoki assigned Nobuyuki Isshiki to write a short story, which was then transposed into visual impressions by ten photographers— each of whom created a book of their own design. Isshiki’s prose poem focuses on a young boy and his father navigating life after the boy’s mother dies in a tragic accident. The artist’s books interpret everything from the emotional charge between characters, to still lives that parallel Isshiki’s melancholy writing. 

Daido Moriyama's work captures the feeling of disorientation through his customarily dark eye. Bertien Van Manen's contribution is a photographic negative of the written story, describing the lives of North African women in Europe and the isolation they face. Ron Jude and Christian Patterson’s books focus on the poetry of mundane details. There is no discovery of a definitive truth but together the photographic sequences explore narrative, atmosphere and characters from a multitude of positions. Isshiki is in fact a well known screenwriter, and Lost Home feels at times like a selection of short films."

—Natalie Matutschovsky, senior photo editor, TIME