What has happened since the Staff Appreciation and Recognition Survey last fall?


Contributed by Nancy Pierce

Remember taking a survey last fall on how you like to be appreciated and recognized?  The results of the survey were posted on the Intercom:  http://www.ithaca.edu/intercom/article.php?story=20121012143933580

Since then, what has happened?

The committee members are very pleased that the administration has taken the results and comments of the survey seriously. Administration has discussed many of our topics prior to our survey; however, our committee has contributed to the climate and has accelerated some initiatives, such as:

Walkabouts with Tom Rochon started this summer and will continue. 

Supervisors Academy: 

According to Mark Coldren, Associate Vice President of Human Resources:

Staff Council Meeting:

 Staff Breakfast with the President

 Staff Coffee with the Provost

 President’s “Around the Water Cooler”

Provost’s question of the week regarding IC 20/20

EPIC (professional development certification course for staff) has started and sessions have been completed and will be continuing.

The committee will continue to work on any staff appreciation and recognition issues/concerns as long as the Staff Council wishes it to continue.  Any questions/concerns in this regard can be directed to the committee, your staff council representative, or through on-line submission through the form on Staff Council’s website:  http://www.ithaca.edu/staffcouncil/submitactionrequest/