Message for Ithaca College Community on Winter Weather Conditions


Contributed by David Maley

Ithaca College officials are closely monitoring the weather situation and are in consultation with local law enforcement agencies and other local employers regarding the storm that is currently impacting the region.

The college remains officially open at this time. Any announcement of a change in the college’s operating status will be made via the Emergency Notification System (ENS), posted on the college’s website and Emergency Hotline (274-1495), and distributed to local media outlets.

As per the Ithaca College Policy Manual, employees are expected to work their normal hours unless the college is officially closed. A supervisor may not unilaterally decide to close a department. However, there are times when the college is not officially closed, but when conditions make it appropriate for a supervisor to be flexible in allowing employees to depart from their normal schedules. Employees who miss time because of late arrival, early departure, or absence due to inclement weather or other special condition may choose to make up the time, use personal or vacation time, or have a reduced paycheck if there are no accruals to use.

Members of the campus community are strongly urged to sign up for the ENS, which uses voice, e-mail, and text messaging to reach staff, students, and faculty with time-sensitive information. It is important to have more than one way to receive alerts in order to ensure access to emergency notices. It takes one full day for additions/revisions to ENS contact information to take effect.

To sign up or to update your existing ENS information, go to the Emergency Notification System website.

More information about emergency closing policies and procedures can be found in the Ithaca College Policy Manual.