Are you thinking about living in an on-campus apartment next year?


Contributed by Linda Koenig

Are you interested in living in an apartment next year? Groups of students with 2.2+ completed semesters by fall 2013 are eligible to log onto HomerConnect and try to select a Circle or Garden apartments. All current students are eligible to try to select a suite on HomerConnect on the appropriate selection day on a first come, first serve basis.

Apartments require sufficient applicants to completely fill the apartment. Group captains only should log into HomerConnect to select a space for your entire group. Please see our housing timeline at for detailed information.

 Sophomore students may be part of an apartment group during the spring housing selection process as long as they make up less than half of the total group (see dates and times in the Junior/Senior section). Please note that apartment selection is very competitive and last year, groups with sophomore’s included were not able to secure an apartment.


Questions can be directed to