In the Loop: Another Sustainability Milestone


Contributed by Jaimie Voorhees

Submitted on behalf of Gerald Hector, Vice President for Finance and Administration.

I am pleased to announce that The Athletics and Events Center recently was awarded a LEED Gold designation for its construction and systems.  The building is an iconic structure in Ithaca and this designation provides further context that we are moving towards improving our sustainability efforts in regards to our physical plant and infrastructure.

This designation adds to the LEED Platinum designations afforded by the Peggy Ryan Williams Center and the School of Business; and the LEED Gold designation for the walkway from Dillingham to Friends Hall on the lower level.

The energy savings commitment displayed in what is now three LEED-rated buildings will continue through the work of the college’s future Energy Manager/Sustainability Coordinator. This hire will focus on the college’s energy needs from both renewable and nonrenewable sources, manage existing sustainability programs within the buildings, work across campus to coordinate campus wide initiatives, and work to engage all aspects of sustainability on campus. 

Stay tuned for all the exciting things that will take place in this sphere of our campus activities.