Student Health 101 - Learn How To STOP Hitting The Snooze Button!


Contributed by Nancy Reynolds

Submitted on behalf of Julia Herman '14, CHP Intern.

Although you may not be a morning person, there are many benefits to waking up early. Waking up early and making the most out of your mornings can help you maximize your daily productivity and go to bed feeling satisfied. Not only does waking up early increase your productivity, but it is a very quiet and peaceful time which is great for meditation, reflection and time for yourself, as well as giving you enough time for a solid, healthy breakfast - which we all know is very important. 

However, if you're not naturally a morning person, it takes a little work to become one. Some tips to help become more of an early bird are:

Try limiting yourself to hitting the snooze button ONLY ONCE each morning, until you can get up without hitting it at all! 


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