Join the Coolest Carpool Challenge and enter to win prizes - LAST CALL: Sign up TODAY!!


Contributed by Marian Brown

Ithaca College is participating with other local organizations and institutions in the Coolest Carpool Challenge during the week of February 24-28. We seek student carpool groups - new groups or existing carpools - to sign up for Team IC. Your carpool group can be entered to win valuable prizes simply for being so smart and making the more sustainable choice to share your commuting ride that week. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING, PLEASE E-MAIL MARIAN BROWN BEFORE THE END OF THE DAY TODAY (Friday, Feb 21).

Carpooling is cool! An average commuter in Tompkins County can save $1,500 a year by carpooling, and keeps 2,500 lbs of CO2 out of the atmosphere! You probably already know most of the benefits of carpooling:

Want to give carpooling a try? Join the Coolest Carpool Challenge, a fun, week-long carpooling competition sponsored by Way2Go, Get Your GreenBack Tompkins, and Sustainability at Ithaca College. The Coolest Carpool Challenge will run during the week of February 24-28; you need to sign up your carpool group in advance in order to participate.

There are several employers – including Ithaca College – competing in the Coolest Carpool Challenge. Organizations compete for the following:

Do you need help finding others with whom you could carpool for that Coolest Carpool Challenge week? Try Zimride, the free online ride matching system that can help you find a ride or help you sell empty seats in your car.  Go to, create an account and post your desire for a ride or for riders to join YOU in a carpool group. 

Are you already part of a regular carpool group? Sign your carpool group up for the Coolest Carpool Challenge. Email Marian Brown to express interest in joining the Ithaca College team for the Coolest Carpool Challenge.  All Ithaca College teams will be entered to win prizes just for the campus community. 

But wait! There are more opportunities for your carpool group to win prizes. Share your carpooling story on the Way2Go Facebook page or register your carpooling step at to be entered for a chance to win prizes. Carpoolers also compete for:

Ready to dip into carpooling? Come on in, the water’s fine! Let the Coolest Carpool Challenge be your impetus for trying carpooling or an added reward for continuing to ‘share your ride’ with others.

For more information, contact Marian Brown.