Ithaca College in the Media


Contributed by Megan Wolk

Quoted in the media: Faculty members Zillah Eisenstein, Diane Gayeski, Annemarie Farrell, Gary Sforzo and Scott Hamula; staff member Rachel Reuben; student Rita Brunatel. For more information on the following articles, please visit the IC in the Media page.


 IC in the Media

Al Jazeera Magazine
January 8, 2014
Zillah Eisenstein, Emerita professor, Department of Politics
"Justice for One Billion Voices"

The Feminist Wire
January 14, 2014
Zillah Eisenstein, Emerita professor, Department of Politics
"Patriarchal PONTIFICATIONS, and the Problem of 'Justice'"

tED Magazine
January 15, 2014
Diane Gayeski, dean, Roy H. Park School of Communications
"Finding, Hiring, and Retaining Young Employees, Part I: The Hunt for Younger Employees"

Sports Illustrated—All Eyes On Me
January 21, 2014
Annemaire Farrell, associate professor and chair, Department of Sport Management and Media
"All Eyes On Me"

January 27, 2014
Rachel Reuben, associate vice president, Office of Marketing Communications
"The State of Social Media in Higher Ed"
January 28, 2014
Gary Sforzo, professor, Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences
"Join the Resistance"

January 31, 2014
Scott Hamula, professor and chair, Department of Strategic Communication
"Super Commercials and a Bowl Full of Buzz"

February 7, 2014
Rita Bunatal ’16, African Students Association
"'Africa is Not a Country': Students' Photo Campaign Breaks Down Stereotypes"