Important Reminders for Sophomore Housing Selection


Contributed by Linda Koenig

Please feel free to visit for further details about these options.

March 18, 2014—Any student interested in living in a Residential Learning Community or Substance Free housing must apply by this date. To learn about these programs, please go to  Applications are available now on HomerConnect.

May 5, 2014—Any student interested in living in Block Housing should submit an application by 5pm. Awards for this option will be communicated on June 23, 2014 via email. Applications are available now in the Office of Residential Life. You can learn about Block Housing by going to

June 23, 2014— Block Housing awards are announced via e-mail for students that submitted the application during the spring semester. Only group contacts will be notified of whether or not their group will be receiving their block housing request. Awards are prioritized by semesters completed and housing priority number (a number randomly assigned by the office).   You can learn more about Block Housing by going to  

July 14 & 16, 2014 – Traditional housing selection begins for all rising sophomore students. Any available space on campus will be eligible for you to select into, including spaces in apartments or any available singles. Housing will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis via HomerConnect.  No lottery numbers will be assigned.