Faculty Council seeks two candidates for newly formed Strategic Sourcing Advisory Committees


Contributed by Peter Rothbart

Faculty Council is seeking two candidates to serve on advisory committees for the College's Strategic Sourcing Initiative. The Strategic Sourcing Initiative is designed to implement significant changes to the College's procurement procedures. It is important that faculty have input into this process to assure that it properly supports our educational mission, while the changes are defined and implemented. Deadline for nominations, including self-nominations is Tuesday, April 1 at 5 PM. Please submit a short statement of intent to either facultycouncilchair@ithaca.edu or rothbart@ithaca.edu.

The committees are charged as follows:


1.    Change Management


Charge:  The Change Management committee is charged with identifying, evaluating, recommending and implementing the necessary policies and processes to streamline the College’s current Procure-2-Pay (P2P) process.  This would include a communication strategy ensuring that the campus community remains informed of these changes at all times.



2.    Purchasing/Travel Cards



Charge:  The Purchasing/Travel Cards committee is charged with evaluating and recommending changes to the College’s existing policies and procedures that directly relate to the use of purchasing and travel cards.  This would be done in conjunction with process changes that are the direct result of the work coming out of the other “Strategic Sourcing” committees.