Student Organizations

There are three professional music fraternities with chapters at Ithaca College, as well as various professional organizations. Mu Phi Epsilon, Phi Mu Alpha, and Sigma Alpha Iota all do much to enrich the music, professional and social lives of their members, and provide service to the school and community. They are all members of the Inter-fraternity Council and do not haze their pledges/members, nor do they endorse hazing of any kind.  Freshman must wait one semester before joining one of the fraternities, in order to establish a G.P.A. (grade point average). The best way to express your interest in a music fraternity is to contact/talk to a member and to attend open fraternity functions. Descriptions of each individual fraternity are found below. In addition, each fraternity displays information in the third floor lobby showcase.

Mu Phi Epsilon  is a professional, international, coeducational, service-oriented music fraternity that has been active at IC for more than 90 years. Lambda Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon is housed in Terrace 4 on the Ithaca College campus.  Members benefit musically through various performance opportunities both on-campus and off, which include recitals in the Whalen Center. Members are challenged to seek other ways of bringing their gift of music to the general public. Music service projects include visits to local nursing homes and retirement communities in Ithaca, as well as hospitals and childcare centers. The group offers many scholarship opportunities, fosters an inter-fraternal spirit, and promotes music through education, service and therapy. For more information, please contact chapter president, James Parker, or faculty advisor, Dr. Beth Peterson.

Phi Mu Alpha is a professional fraternity for men in music, founded in 1898. Delta Chapter at IC, founded in 1901, is the oldest continuous chapter nationwide. Their goals include supporting outstanding composition, performance, teaching, and providing musical services to the community. Terrace 12 is home for most of the brothers. A lounge, stereo, music library, and grand piano are available for the brothers’ use. Two formal recitals and two informal recitals are presented each year.  Brotherhood, friendship and fun are what Phi Mu Alpha is all about. For more information, please contact chapter president, Sean Harkin, or faculty advisor, Dr. Kim Dunnick.

Sigma Alpha Iota is an international music fraternity for women. It was founded at the University of Michigan School of Music in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1903. Epsilon Chapter at IC is located in Terrace 9. The fraternity functions on both an international and local level with the primary goal being the advancement of American music and musicians. Some of their national projects include: Bold Notes, Music Therapy, Community Action Music, the maintenance of a cottage at the McDowell Colony for Creative Artists, and the sponsorship of a music competition for young American composers. For more information, please contact chapter president, Kimberly Dyckman, or faculty advisor, Dr. Mary Arlin.

Dean's Advisory Council  One undergraduate representative from each repertoire class and one representative from the graduate students are elected each fall to serve on the Dean’s Advisory Council. This council meets with the Deans on a regular basis to discuss activities and issues important to students.

National Association for Music Education (NAfME)among the world’s largest arts education organizations, is the only association that addresses all aspects of music education. NAfME advocates at the local, state, and national levels; provides resources for teachers, parents, and administrators; hosts professional development events; and offers a variety of opportunities for students and teachers. The Association orchestrates success for millions of students nationwide and has supported music educators at all teaching levels for more than a century. For more information, please contact chapter president, Miranda Schultz, or faculty advisor, Dr. Chad West.

Music Teachers National Association is a nation-wide professional organization, primarily for private and college-level music teachers. The Ithaca Collegiate Chapter of the Music Teachers National Association seeks to provide our members with the information and experience necessary to become knowledgeable, inspiring music teachers and successful entrepreneurs.  Through our programs, we provide educational, musical, social, and professional experiences that augment the student's formal course of study, acquaint students with professional opportunities and career options in the field of music, and develop professional leadership skills. For more information, please contact chapter president, Amy Brinkman-Davis, or faculty advisor, Dr. Jennifer Hayghe.

American String Teachers Association (ASTA)  The American String Teachers Association is a student organization that holds meetings, sponsors visiting artists, attends conferences, workshops, and participates in various social and fundraising activities. The Ithaca College ASTA chapter is part of a nation-wide organization of over 7,000 members. Membership is open to all string players (including guitarists) and members receive the journal, “American String Teacher.” For more information, please contact chapter president, Emma Brown, or faculty advisor, Dr. James Mick

American Choral Directors Association (ACDA)  The American Choral Directors Association was founded in 1959 as a nonprofit music education organization. It is committed to promoting excellence in performance, composition, research and the teaching of choral music. For more information, please contact chapter president, Rebecca Saltzman, or faculty advisor, Dr. Janet Galvan.

ALANA in the School of Music

Performing Organizations   Amani Singers, Ithacappella, Premium Blend, the Trombone Troupe, Triple Threat Theatre, Klezmer Ensemble, Cello Choir, IC Bell People, and other similar groups function as official student organizations of the College.  Their activities are overseen by the Office of Campus Center and Activities.



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