Teaching Programs

Lab School

Background  The Vocal Junior Student Teaching Program is centered at Immaculate Conception School on Buffalo and Plain Streets in downtown Ithaca. This PreK-8 parochial school and the Ithaca College Music Education Department have maintained an alliance for over fifty years. We usually refer to the site of the vocal music education majors' early field experience as the "Lab School." We provide the music program for the children and the school provides the teaching stations and students. It has been a meaningful, productive arrangement for all personnel involved.

Philosophical Statement  Some of the central tenets of our philosophy are:

  1. Making music rather than talking about music
  2. Singing as a core of the experience
  3. Using movement, instruments, and creativity as vehicles to musical understanding
  4. Performing/presenting quality repertoire
  5. Child development
  6. Child-centered
  7. Positive approach
  8. Learning styles: visual, kinesthetic, aural
  9. Music teacher as master musician, an ARTIST EDUCATOR.

 Program Goals

  1. Every child will be able to sing on pitch with a pleasant tone.
  2. A positive attitude toward music will be fostered.
  3. Musicianship is developed.
  4. The artist in every child is awakened.
  5. Musical know-how is developed in singing, instruments, creativity, and music literacy.
  6. Musical understandings (concepts) will be developed through the study of repertoire of high quality.
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