Our Mission

The Ithaca College School of Music educates students who transform the human condition through the art and practice of music. 

Since its founding in 1892 as a conservatory, the School of Music earns its reputation as one of the best in the nation, offering a superb blend of full-time faculty, performance opportunities, state-of-the-art facilities, access to liberal arts courses, and success in career placement. It's a place where students work with world-class professionals every day to become world-class professionals themselves.

The undergraduate advantage
With 500 undergraduate students and over 60 full-time faculty at Ithaca College’s School of Music, our students get unlimited access to a dedicated and accomplished group of scholars, performers, and educators. They experience exceptional and varied performance and leadership opportunities in an environment that is as rigorous and challenging as it is nurturing and supportive.

Endless performance opportunities
The breadth and number of performance opportunities we offer enable students to hone their skills in a variety of settings. Our 24 ensembles include a symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, bands, jazz ensembles, and numerous vocal ensembles and chamber groups. The School of Music hosts more than 300 concerts annually, and our ensembles have performed in venues all over the world, including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and in international cities such as London, Dublin, and St. Petersburg.

Dedicated full-time faculty
Regular contact with a primary faculty member is essential in a student's musical development, so our students attend a private lesson and repertoire class meetings each week. They receive many other chances -- class time, impromptu conversations in halls and gathering places, required ensemble rehearsals -- to touch base frequently with one of our 62 faculty members, who maintain a constant presence on campus. At Ithaca, our faculty members devote themselves everyday to teaching and mentoring our students while maintaining national and international visibility in their fields. This duality of purpose is a hallmark of the Ithaca experience and contributes to the richness of our community.

The best of both worlds:
A world-class professional School of Music within a College
Exceptional professional training combined with a comprehensive education is a hallmark of the Ithaca experience. With more than 100 majors and 60 minors available at Ithaca College—and over 2,000 courses to choose from—students are exposed to a wide variety of fields of study, including the humanities and sciences, business, communications, and health and sport disciplines. As a result, Ithaca’s graduates are not only great performers, music educators, composers, and recording technicians, but they are also versatile, adaptable, informed, have perspective, and can solve complex problems—qualities that are needed to be successful in any field.

Facilities that are second to none
The James J. Whalen Center for Music features three concert halls, four recording studios, two large rehearsal halls, hi-tech “smart” classrooms, Apple computer labs, and labs for jazz and electronic keyboard. There is also a worldclass music education suite, music education library, and resource center. New equipment and capabilities continue to be added each year, making a truly inspirational and functional facility that enables students to maximize their creative potential.

The tools for success in a career—and in life
Ithaca alumni have achieved successful careers in renowned symphonies, opera companies, and on Broadway; as faculty members and deans in prestigious universities and colleges; as teachers in school systems throughout the country; as music therapists, composers, publicists, audio engineers, and managers. Ithaca College music graduates have also pursued careers outside of music as medical doctors, attorneys, and business professionals who incorporate the many benefits of musical practice into their work and lives.

Combine all that with a location in a dynamic, beautiful college town, and you'll understand why Ithaca College is the best choice for music students.

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