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Izzy Award Speeches by Naomi Klein and David Sirota to Begin Airing

ITHACA, NY — The seventh annual Izzy Awards ceremony, with speeches by winners Naomi Klein and David Sirota, will begin showing in rotation this weekend on Free Speech TV. The first airings will...


National Ethics Honor for Ithaca College Distinguished Scholar in Residence Sandra Steingraber

ITHACA, NY — The American Ethical Union has honored Sandra Steingraber, Distinguished Scholar in Residence in the Ithaca College Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences, for her “commitment to rescue our nation’s land, water and people from unsustainable, damaging corporate practices.” Steingraber was presented with the ...


IC Educator Says Supreme Court Extends Marriage Equality To All, But Work Remains

ITHACA, NY — The decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to extend marriage equality nationwide means same-sex couples will have the freedom to marry in all 50 states, but work remains to ensure equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer citizens. That’s according to nationally recognized LGBTQ educator Luca Maurer.

With Friday’s decision, the...

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