IC in the Media

IC in the Media

A sampling from media accounts that reference Ithaca College or quote members of the college community.

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Stephen Mosher, professor, Department of Sport Management and Media

To the Point, a news-based radio program focused on national current events, interviewed Mosher about the alleged hacking of the Houston Astros computer network by the St. Louis Cardinals. “The money that is involved in the highest level of professional sports now is so enormous that I...


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Rebecca Plante, associate professor, Department of Sociology, an online news source for millennials, interviewed Plante about why society is fixated on Kim Kardashian. “She came out with nothing to hide, so she seems real and approachable.”

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Diane Gayeski, dean, Roy H. Park School of Communications

In an article picked up by several newspapers about how millennials view the workplace, Gayeski discussed the generation’s expectations. “They very much want a ‘balanced’ lifestyle and are often willing to sacrifice money for the freedom to enjoy hobbies, family, volunteering,...


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Brad Treat, instructor, Department of Management

NerdWallet, an online financial resource, interviewed Treat about advice for first-time entrepreneurs. “Many of the early startup mistakes you can undo. But the hardest one to undo is determining who owns what.”

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Jeff Cohen, director, Park Center for Independent Media, and associate professor, Department of Journalism

The Big Picture, a talk show hosted by Thom Hartmann, interviewed Cohen about mainstream media coverage of the 2016 presidential primaries. “The political reporters are obsessed with the horserace, they’re obsessed with the trivia, and they are not...


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