IC in the Media

IC in the Media

A sampling from media accounts that reference Ithaca College or quote members of the college community.

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Alison Shields, assistant professor, Department of Marketing and Law
The Real Deal in Sports, a public affairs show on sports, interviewed Shields about the role nostalgia plays in relationships with sports games. “So much of what makes nostalgia are memories that are very closely associated with family members or with loved ones, and I think just about everyone...


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David Muir ’95, alumnus
The Adweek blog covered the ceremony at which Ithaca College recognized Muir with the Jessica Savitch ’68 Award of Distinction for Excellence in Journalism and presented him with an honorary doctorate at the Paley Center for Media in New York City. The story noted the many prominent broadcast professionals in...


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Jack Wang, associate professor, Department of Writing
Wang was interviewed about the creation of the Star Wars Epic Yarns series he created with his twin brother. “Our goal has always been to enliven word books with a sense of narrative, so we always start with the story.”

Headline: “


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Lisa Barnard, assistant professor, Department of Strategic Communication
Discover Performance Weekly, HP’s weekly video chat with thought-leaders, interviewed Barnard about the impact of targeted advertising on consumers. “When people start feeling like they are being watched and tracked, it actually leads to negative purchasing...


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Noah Zheutlin, student
Zheutlin was interviewed about the winter weather in Ithaca, N.Y. “Snow almost every day and temperatures low enough to freeze an egg on the sidewalk.”

Headline: “Where the Sun Is: Escaping Winter for Spring Break


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