IC in the Media

IC in the Media

A sampling from media accounts that reference Ithaca College or quote members of the college community.

Posted by Dan Verderosa at 1:25PM

Vincent Wei-Cheng Wang, dean, School of Humanities and Sciences
In a New York Times article on Taiwan’s status at the United Nations, Vincent Wei-Cheng Wang explains that the country has not been able to play a role in international affairs since it was forced to give up its U.N. seat to China in 1971. “I find it frustrating that the international community...


Posted by Dan Verderosa at 3:56PM

Jeff Cohen, associate professor, Department of Journalism
In an Al Jazeera article on the 2016 presidential election, Associate Professor Jeff Cohen says that the increase in voters abandoning major-party candidates means that third-party candidates should be able to participate in the debates


Posted by Dan Verderosa at 3:03PM

Lisa Barnard, assistant professor, Department of Integrated Marketing Communications
In a Fast Company article on web companies monitoring users and tailoring websites to individuals, Assistant Professor Lisa Barnard says that even sophisticated users are sometime surprised to learn that there are different versions of the user experience


Posted by Dan Verderosa at 10:19AM

Stephen Mosher, professor, Department of Sport Management and Media
In a Los Angeles Times article on the Nevada Gaming Control Board's decision to allow betting on Olympic events, Professor Stephen Mosher says that it is not surprising, as the “purity”​ of the Olympics was lost long ago


Posted by Dan Verderosa at 11:37AM

Donathan Brown, associate professor, Department of Communication Studies
In a La Opinion article on presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's position on the deportation of undocumented immigrants, Associate Professor Donathan Brown was quoted saying that Trump likely knows that while mass deportations may motivate the most partisan voters, they...


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