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Anyone who previously attended a course(s) at Ithaca College, whether or not he/she graduated with a degree is considered an alum.

Alumni who attended Ithaca College from 1994 or later, will use HomerConnect to access your academic records. If you have forgotten your account information (or you never had an account) follow the directions found to your right. 
Please remember that your HomerConnect account will always remain active. It's definitely to your advantage to keep track of your account information, then there is no need to contact us, wait for a response or experience any delays.

Alumni who attended prior to 1994, can not use HomerConnect and must, instead, use paper forms which we offer as "fillable" pdf files. 

Use either HomerConnect or the paper Transcript Request form, based on when you attended IC.  Navigate to the Transcripts page for more detailed information.

Graduation Verification:
Use either HomerConnect or the paper Enrollment/Graduation Verification form, based on when you attended IC.  The form is listed as a featured document to your right.  Inside HomerConnect navigate to

- Student, Financial Aid and Residential Life
   - Student Records & Billing Information
      - Request Enrollment Verification

Duplicate Diploma:
Since there is no feature in HomerConnect to order a duplicate or replacement diploma, all alumni must use the Request for Replacement/Duplicate Diploma paper form to order a second diploma. There is a fee for this service. Please send payment with your request. The form is listed as a featured document to your right.

Didn't find what you needed? Other registrar related questions can be sent to

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