For 2013-2014 Fiscal Year (June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014)


TO:                 All Park School Full-Time Continuing Faculty and Staff:

FROM:            Development Grants Committee

Virginia Mansfield-Richardson (Chair)
Ellen Diffenderfer
Adam Peruta
Gordon Rowland
Bonnie Ryan
John Scott
Barbara Terrell
Karen Wheeler

DATE:            September 20, 2013


To All Park School Full-Time Continuing Faculty and Staff:

The Development Grants Committee will soon be meeting to disperse professional development funds for the 2013-14 academic year. These funds are available to all full-time staff and faculty in the Park School who are on a continuing or renewable contract. If your full-time contract is only for one year and not open to renewal, you are not eligible for the funds. However, if you are in the final year of a multi-year contract, the funds are available to you.

All applications must be filled out and submitted below, where you will then be prompted to print a hard copy, add your signature, and submit it to Karen Wheeler's 'inbox' in the dean's office. Failure to submit the signed copy of the form could mean that your application is denied, and that you'll need to reapply during the next application process.

For the Fall 2013 semester, every eligible person will be permitted to apply for up to $275. If you know of a professional development activity, certificate renewal, subscription, or other event that does not require payment until the spring, go ahead and apply this fall for the funds to cover the expense. If approved, the funds will be held for you until it is time to pay that expense in the spring.

Requests will be due by 5 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) the first Monday of each month. The Committee usually meets during the first week following the first Monday of each month to review and vote on requests. Notifications with the approved level of funding will be sent out by Karen Wheeler after the meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact Virginia Mansfield-Richardson, Associate Dean/Chair of the Development Grants Committee at or x41021.


The Development Grants Committee:

Remember: you must fill out the form below online, and then press "continue to next step...". Once there, you must print out a hard copy, sign it, and submit it to Karen Wheeler for consideration.

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Name of faculty or staff member: Amount requested   $

Have you already received funding for this request in AY2013-14?
       If so, source of funding:  how much?  $

Please check the appropriate category:
(unrelated requests MUST be submitted on separate forms)


Subscriptions (one-year only)

Travel (list amount spent to date out of dept travel budget)  $

Computer software/hardware (All items purchased become property of Ithaca College and must be directly related to work.) NOTE: Equipment purchases will be highly scrutinized, and do not include items such as iPods, PDAs, and cell phones.

Supplies (includes film, video, audio and recordable media)

Dues/membership/certification to professional organizations


Please supply a rationale: Give details on titles (where appropriate), use, approximate cost, and how the item(s) will directly relate to your professional development. INCLUDE SHIPPING AND HANDLING COSTS. Please keep your response as brief as possible (one paragraph). This form has a limit of 1000 characters.