Speaker Series

PCIM regularly brings the leading lights in independent media to Ithaca for public presentations and small group meetings with students and faculty.


On April 16, 2014 Stephen Zunes, independent journalist, author, educator, and scholar of U.S. policy in the Middle East and of strategic nonviolent action, will speak on "Democracy Uprisings in the Middle East: Victories and Setbacks." Recent speakers have included Brave New Films executive director Jim Miller '85, who screened both War on Whistleblowers: Free Press and the National Security State and Unmanned: America's Drone Wars; author/professor Robert W. McChesney, discussing "Corporate Dominance of Internet, Media, and Politics"; author, journalist, and Democracy Now! cohost Juan Gonzalez, who spoke on "The Epic Story of Race & U.S. Media"; journalist and immigrant rights activist Jose Antonio Vargas of DefineAmerican.com; feminist author Susan Faludi, who spoke on "9/11: Myth, Media and Gender" on the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01; and other important independent voices. See "past speakers" for a more complete listing.


As a cosponsor, PCIM has helped present many other speakers to the Ithaca community, including Manari Kaji Ushigua of the Sápara people of the Ecuadorian Amazon; Zillah Eisenstein and Sarah Eisentein Stumbar on reproductive rights; documentary filmmakers River Branch (The Voice That Broke the Silence); journalist and author David Cay Johnston; political writer John Nichols; Vietnam and Agent Orange scholar Fred A. Wilcox; Iraqi blogger Raed Jarrar; independent filmmaker Fred Marx (Hoop Dreams, Boys to Men?); Israeli blogger Gershom Gorenberg; journalist/nuclear weapons expert Frida Berrigan; Colombian journalist Claudia Lopez; documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles (Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens, Salesman); journalist Helen Zia; homeless advocate/videographer Mark Horvath; and Seth Reiss of The Onion's creative team.

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