Corning Marketing Communications

Corning Marketing Communications paid summer internship, Corning NY.  Job ID 16396

Posted 4/19/10. Fulltime, Develop a series of marketing communications tools that drive customer discussions and influence purchasing decisions.  Develop editorial content, lead projects, design collateral and document processes. 
Internship project to encompass the following key elements:
Create product sheets that promote Corning’s innovative emissions control products
Engage with subject matter experts to identify value prop
Write and edit content
Work with vendor to design layout, including graphics, and photos
Refresh technical presentations
Collaborate with commercial and technical teams to collect data
Update editorial content, graphics, and photos
Redesign layout
Advance the tradeshow participation process to include technical papers                     
Work with global team leaders to identify products and technologies to be promoted per region
Develop process for global teams to share technical topics, submission deadlines, authors, presenters, resources, etc.
Communicate process across global teams
Support internal and external communications
Write editorial content for a variety of communications vehicles
Facilitate media interviews

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