Recent Internship Experiences

Michael Sadwith 15Michael Sadwith 15
ESPN Radio, Denver, Colorado

Michael Sadwith, a Television and Radio major, spent the summer of 2012 interning with ESPN Radio in Denver, part of the Disney-owned radio network.

Michael assisted with promotions and marketing, including researching and reporting how much time TV users and radio listeners spent watching TV and listening to radio. He monitored commercials on local radio and and reported on what commercials had run on which radio stations. In a different vein, he also engineered shows on the station. 

Michael says he had a very good experience as an intern for this company. However, he wished to have been able to be more involved with the programs. “The only goal I did not achieve was to develop specific skills through assisting the on-air shows, and did not get to that much” he says.

Michael did more than he was assigned to do. "I had higher expectations and wanted to do more things that I could learn from to help me be successful in the field in later jobs," he says. He also points that he was treated professionally and enjoyed working with everyone at the station.

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