The Park Difference

With its commitment to nurturing the creative, sustainable, progressive, and enlightened practice of communications in all its forms, the Park School is a leader in preparing students not just to get a job -- but to create the future of communications.

The communications industry is constantly changing. Many of the traditional jobs in the field are being eliminated or altered, while new opportunities are emerging. Journalists now need to be able to create news on all platforms: print, video, audio podcasts, infographics, and blogs. Films, record albums, and TV shows that could only be produced in big studios a decade ago are now being created and distributed on laptops. Today you can make a living as social media strategist, a media analytics specialist, a multimedia arts festival mashup coordinator, a writer or animator for online multi-player immersive games, an independent media artist selling microstock images online, or a freelance corporate virtual event planner – occupations that we didn’t even have words for a few years ago. You’ll need to prepare yourself to work in careers that have not yet been invented – and hopefully to be one of those futurists and leaders who creates sustainable and imaginative new programming and platforms. Yet, you'll want to leave with the skills and connections that will land you an immediate job or a spot in a top graduate program. We're the place for you.

Innovation is in our DNA: our alumni have been among the first to invent new TV and film genres, new media platforms and cable channels for entertainment and education, new economic models for journalism, and new strategies for promoting products and social initiatives. Whether you're interested in photography, cinematography, television, audio production, instructional technology, print journalism, emerging media, documentary production, international communication, scriptwriting, strategic business communication -- or all of the above -- the Park School offers you the seamless blend of theoretical and performance-based learning that is the hallmark of excellence in communications education. In fact, we have a broader and deeper range of communications courses -- all under “one roof” -- than any other college.

We were the first college with a cable TV channel over 50 years ago, the first to offer professional workshops in interactive media in 1980, and the first to sponsor a contest for short films produced entirely on cell phones. Contemporary courses, immediate hands-on media experience, international travel opportunities, the opportunity to create your own shows and films, community service and consulting projects, internships, and networking with thought leaders in communications all combine to give you the immediate skills and intellectual flexibility to build a career for a lifetime. But the Ithaca experience is not just about job preparation: courses within the Park School and the other four schools on campus will give you the kind of well-rounded education that is the foundation for a fulfilling personal life. Taking advantage of a world-class music conservatory, a business school focused on sustainability, nationally-recognized theater and science programs, leadership opportunities in campus clubs and residence life, and classes and team opportunities in health and sports, our students cultivate their passions, health, and perspectives on the world.

Our professors are effective and dedicated teachers whose first priority is students. You can take advantage of opportunities to work with them outside of the classroom on their research, their media projects, and in service to the community both locally and internationally. They'll know you on a first-name basis and can guide you through your academic and professional explorations. Because of their diverse backgrounds and passionate engagement in their respective fields, you'll be inspired to explore aspects of the dynamic communications field that you may never have considered.

We also bring you to the world, with opportunities to spend a semester in our Los Angeles center, to study in our London or New York City programs, or to take a short study tour with a faculty member.

Of course, a top-notch education will take you only so far if you can't break into the professional world. Our alumni are not only high achievers, but they're extraordinarily accessible. They lead prominent media corporations such as Disney and NBC Universal; develop innovative digital platforms for the likes of YAHOO! and Grey Direct and Digital Marketing; produce, write, and direct award-winning TV shows and films like Harry’s Law, Sesame Street, Glee, the Late Show with David Letterman, The Wolfman, and The Adjustment Bureau; create animation and educational simulations for companies like the Ant Farm, General Electric, and e-Cornell; produce audience and technology research for companies like Nielson and Forrester Research, and write, edit, and shoot photos for publications like GQ, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones, and SmartMoney; and develop social marketing campaigns and documentaries for organizations such as Opera America and the Gift of Life Foundation. They'll help you network with other professionals in their field, offer career advice, give lectures and workshops on campus, and maybe even help you land that first job.

Our students have been leaders in the field of communications for the past 50 years. They leave here confident and connected and ready to transform the communications industry.


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