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Posted by Marc Phillips at 12:34AM   |  Add a comment

Coming to Ithaca College from out of state isn’t that uncommon, but coming all the way from Seattle definitely isn’t the norm. At first I didn’t really notice the difference between driving 6 hours to school and flying 6 hours, but when fall break rolled around in October, I found the difference for the first time. I wasn’t able to just drive home. That is why it is really important to go home at the right times.

Most students are able to take a bus or drive home on breaks without much planning in advance. Even if they can’t find a ride, booking a bus can be done without any preparation. When I fly home, it takes making a plane reservation months in advance, finding a ride to the airport, and hoping that Ithaca’s weather doesn’t screw with my schedule.

Since traveling does take a lot of effort and has many variables, choosing when to go home is very important. I didn’t go home for Thanksgiving, opting to go to my friend Liz’s home instead. This worked out well for me because I got to spend time with one of my best friends and hang out in New York City for a week. Some people really need to go home for Thanksgiving to help ease the feeling of being homesick, which is perfectly fine. If you think that you can last a little bit longer, staying with a friend for Thanksgiving can save your parents tons of money and you can create some great memories.

I think it goes without saying that almost everyone should go home for winter break, so I’m going to move to spring break. For spring break, I did go home. I went home because my birthday falls right around that time and I wanted to be able to celebrate with my family. Looking back on it now, I think that I could have held off on going home, only because there isn’t a lot of time between winter and spring break. Also, none of my friends from home were home at the same time as me because their school schedules were all different. This year, I plan on studying at Ithaca’s brand new NYC program for spring semester and won’t be going home. Instead, my parents will visit me for my Birthday.

In the end, deciding what breaks to go home for really depends on how badly you need to go home. Just remember to plan in advance to get the cheapest air fare and think of other alternatives that could be just as fun.



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