Upcoming Events

Fall 2017 Career Fair

Wednesday, September 19, 2017

4:30pm - 7:00pm
Emerson Suites

During the fair, you can:

  • Explore internship and job opportunities
  • Network with employers, peers, and staff
  • Gain valuable insight into various career options

Over 80 Employers will be attending -  check them out on Handshake

Wondering how to make the most of this event? Below are tips from the recruiters who will be attending:

  • Bring copies of resumes!
  • It is good to have a quick introduction ready for meeting employers...1-3 sentences about who you are, what you're involved with, and what you're interested in after graduating college.
  • Do your best to promote your personal "Brand" in person and online. An impression can last a lifetime! Keep in mind you represent not only yourself, you represent your family, business and community.
  • Think outside the box. Some companies may offer an internship in your field and you may not realize it.
  • Network, network, network!
  • Bring resume, bring planner/be prepared to schedule interview on the spot
  • Be open minded, ask questions
  • Be open to anything!
  • Think outside the box to diversify your resume. How can you apply skills from your area of study to a variety of jobs and industries?
  • Internships are key!
  • Research the companies you are interested in before attending the event. Try to tailor your resume for each employer.
  • Research all companies in attendance and choose to visit those that interest you most. 
  • Follow your passion and learn something new!
  • Be yourself!
  • Please be prepared to share the direction you see your career journey taking you.  Even if it you don't end up going that route, have a direction in mind. 
  • Be enthusiastic and remember this is a networking opportunity!
  • Show confidence in your abilities when meeting potential employers
  • Embrace what makes you unique!
  • Explore the possibilities
  • Ensure resume includes graduation date and overall GPA.
  • Smile!
  • Start with why. Why do you want an internship/specific job/etc then reverse engineer how to get there.
  • Keep an open mind! Speak with employers across all fields about their opportunities.
  • Be honest and be yourself
  • Speak about leadership!
  • Wear a smile and greet and converse with everyone. You never know what connections you might make.
  • Talk to everyone! You might find something unexpected that becomes the perfect fit!
  • Treat it like a job interview - come prepared
  • Networking is the key to success!
  • Take a moment to visit as many (if not all) booths as possible - you never know what might end up being a great fit that wasn't previously on your radar.



To get your resume in great shape, bring it to a drop-in at Career Services

Dress is Business Professional

If you have business cards, bring them. Definitely make sure to bring copies of your resume!