Meet the Clinical Staff

Angela Koivula, Ph.D.Clinical StaffAngela Koivula, Ph.D.
Psychologist, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

I am new to both Ithaca and the northeast region, beginning work as a staff psychologist at Ithaca College in Fall, 2014. Originally from the Midwest earning post graduate degrees from the University of Missouri-Columbia (go Tigers!) and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, I recently completed my Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities.

My training has involved work with college students in mental health and career services, emphasizing a strength based and wellness perspective towards helping. I believe all individuals have within them the skills and abilities to make changes in their life and as a therapist I help provide them the support, understanding and empathy to realize their potential and work towards their goals. I have a particular interest in students struggling with understanding themselves and related identity development concerns; those with a history of trauma; and those wrestling with relationship issues of various forms. I’m also a big advocate for group counseling to help assist students find their voice amongst their peers. My style is best described as integrative with a foundation in humanistic and interpersonal dynamics emphasizing the relationship between therapist and client. You will find I am both warm and engaged in the therapy process, bringing my full, authentic self into this relationship.

In my free time I love to run and be active with a big interest in sports in general. I’m always interested in talking about the current NFL season (go Chiefs!) or NCAA sports as well as the most recent episode of The Good Wife or Parenthood.