At Ithaca College, we are privileged to be part of a rich community that values diversity of opinion and background.  We believe that such diversity is essential to promote an environment of dialogue and learning. 

Ithaca College has adopted a strategic plan for diversity as part of its vision of educational excellence known as IC 20/20.  The plan commits us to energetic action with respect to increasing the diversity of our community, making diversity a more central part of every student's educational experience, and creating a campus climate that celebrates its diversity.  The plan includes a set of goals, implementation strategies, and key performance indicators to guide our planning and decision making.  Every senior leader at the College includes at least one diversity-related goal among their annual objectives.

It is impossible to convey every facet of diversity at Ithaca College within one website.  It is our hope, however, that members of the campus community will use this as one tool to help learn how the College realizes its institutional plan to “enhance the diversity of students, faculty, and staff and create a supportive environment…for the entire College community.”  The site contains links to information on past, present and future programs, reports and initiatives.

Please visit this website frequently for updates on upcoming events and activities.  I hope we can all be aware of our roles and responsibilities in ensuring the vitality and diversity of our learning community.

Tom Rochon