Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

GOAL: Become a national model for colleges committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Goal Co-Chairs

  • Hierald Osorto (staff)
  • Judith Pena-Shaff (faculty)

Campus Climate Action Group

We must develop a campus climate marked by culturally competent faculty and staff and an inclusive living and learning experience for students. Therefore, this group will:

  • Expand Bias Impact Reporting process to include programming that educates campus around relevant topics, i.e., diversity talking circles
  • Revise college diversity statement and promote its use in advertising the curriculum

Action Group Members

  • Co-chair: Lia Munoz (staff)
  • Co-chair: Roger Richardson (staff)
  • Co-chair: Mary Jo Watts (staff)
  • Samantha Elebiary (staff)
  • Cara Cirino (student)
  • Darius Cureton (staff)
  • Ari Domeraski (student)
  • Thomas Dunn  (staff)
  • Steffani Farquharson (student)
  • Christine King (student)
  • Luca Maurer (staff)
  • James Miranda (faculty)
  • Wren Murray (student)
  • Eliana Noznesky (student)
  • Jane Ray (staff)
  • Henry Wade (student) 

Additional Goal Objectives

These initiatives will be tackled by specific operational units and will not call for action groups to be formed:

Diversify curriculum in departments in measurable and quantifiable ways to reflect the experience of students and a changing society

  • Implement action plans resulting from completed academic program reviews with regard to curriculum diversification
  • Add language regarding curriculum diversification to the curriculum section of the academic program review guidelines so that it is incorporated in program review moving forward

Establish benchmarks and action plans in academic and non-academic units for diversifying faculty, staff, and students.

  • Recruit and retain from underrepresented US-based minoritized communities, LGTBQ community, international students, and underrepresented groups by field (e.g. women in IT and STEM) by providing inclusive search training to faculty and staff