PAC-D | President's Advisory Committee on Diversity

The President's Advisory Committee on Diversity (PAC-D) was formed in 2005 under the Ithaca College Presidency of Peggy R. Williams.  In 2008, President Rochon reconfirmed the continuation of PAC-D to report directly to him.  The membership consists of a diverse representation of faculty and staff, which is selected by the President.  Each member serves a three to four year term.  The charge of PAC-D is as follows:

The President's Advisory Committee on Diversity (PAC-D) serves to coordinate and integrate diversity planning and programmatic initiatives for the College.  The primary responsibilities focus attention on ensuring that the College continues to make progress toward achieving the goals of the Diversity Strategic Plan, which is a component of IC 20/20, to serve as a resource to the campus communities/groups/offices advising on how to ensure comprehensive and coordinate delivery of diversity programming, educational experiences and services; and to advise the President regarding the College's commitment to diversity.