Diversity Strategic Plan Goals

  1. Increase underrepresented ALANA student enrollment.
  2. Increase international student enrollment.
  3. Increase the graduation rate for underrepresented ALANA students to match the six-year graduation rate of their counterparts.
  4. Carry out a Campus Climate Survey for students, faculty, and staff on a regular basis and use the results to inform diversity initiatives across campus.
  5. Increase the number and retention of underrepresented ALANA faculty and staff.
  6. Ensure that student learning outcomes focused on diversity are incorporated into every student’s program of study (through the major, minor, general education curriculum, graduation requirement, or general elective) and are assessed.
  7. Develop/implement staff/faculty professional development opportunities related to diversity.
  8. Improve the student life/residence hall experience for ALANA/LGBT students.
  9. Create a physical campus environment that recognizes and celebrates diversity.
  10. Develop specific initiatives for achieving universal access and meeting the needs of students with disabilities in and out of the classroom.
  11. Increase the number and retention of international faculty and staff.