The information in this document is intended to provide new students with additional support using the housing selection process in HomerConnect. HomerConnect is an online web-based self service application used by Ithaca College students to view class schedules, register for courses, verify financial aid and bursar information, as well as select housing. 

What is Housing Selection?
Housing selection is the period of time where students participate in a process for choosing housing for the next academic school year.

New Student Housing Selection and HomerConnect
The housing selection process works similar to course registration in HomerConnect, beginning with a notice sent to the student indicating the time period that they are eligible to log in to the system to create a housing profile and apply for learning communities.

Selection is prioritized by a random lottery number generated by the system for students selecting a building in the First Year Residential Experience between the dates of July 19th and July 25th.  There are no criteria on which this number is generated.  Students will be broken up into groups to select housing based on their lottery number (or best lottery number for a roommate pair/group). Each range of lottery numbers will have one (1) day to select housing beginning at 7:00 a.m. and ending at 8:59 p.m. that night. Students approved for learning communities will select prior to general housing selection and it will be first come, first serve. Students interested in living in a mixed population building (not FYRE) will use lottery numbers to select housing on July 26th.  Students with lottery numbers 1-1000 will be able to select a space in a mixed population building between 7am-11:59am.  Students with lottery numbers 1-2400 will be able to select housing in this area between 1pm-8:59pm.

*Please refer to HomerConnect to view the housing selection timeline and your lottery number which will be posted on July 16th.

Students can select housing as an individual, a pair, or a group. Only one student of the pair or group should log into the system to select housing for the pair or group. If spaces are not available while selecting housing, students are assigned to extended occupancy housing by the Office of Residential Life. After the system closes to new students, the Office of Residential Life will attempt to reassign as many students as possible from extended occupancy housing into permanent assignments as spaces become available prior to opening.

Room Changes Post Selection
Once you select your housing it is final (unless we are able to reassign students from extended occupancy housing into permanent spaces) until the start of the academic year.

Room Changes After the Semester Begins
Once the semester begins and housing spaces open, priority for spaces in traditional double and triple rooms goes to students in extended occupancy housing if a request by the remaining resident to fill the space is not already made. However, wait lists will be available in the Office of Residential Life for students to fill out requesting a room change.