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In case you’ve been wondering what Student Affairs and Campus Life Departments were doing during the Fall 2013 semester, here are a couple of highlights:

Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports

  • Guiding 5 athletic teams to Empire 8 championships
  • Having 2 coaches named Ithaca Journal Coach of the Year
  • Supporting more than 900 students in 42 club sports
  • Hosting more than 85,000 visits to the Fitness Center

Career Services

  • Coordinating a Majors/Minors fair in conjunction with the Academic Advising Center
  • Meeting with 33% more students than in Fall 2012

Counseling and Wellness

  • Holding more than 2250 individual student sessions plus more through 9 group counseling sessions
  • More than 935 of the 400 students who have been reading Student Health 101 have learned something they have applied in their everyday life.
  • The great work of the LGBT Center helped the campus earn a 5 Stars ranking on the Campus Pride index (out of 5 stars) and be named to the top 25 LGBT Friend colleges/universities; the Top 10 trans-friendly colleges and universities and the top 10 LGBT friendly college sports programs.

Hammond Health Center

  • Hosting more than 6900 patient visits
  • Vaccinating 1163 people against the flu (just for Fall – more shots have happened this spring)

Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs - First Year Experience

  • 158 first year students were inducted into the Oracle Honor society

Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs – Multicultural Affairs

  • Planning and implementation of MLK Day 2014.  More than 1000 students/faculty/staff attended programs on January 20.  More than 120 students participated in the MLK Day of Service.
  • Coordinated Latino/a Heritage and Native American Heritage months

Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs – Student Leadership and Involvement

  • More than 173 student organizations are registered and active
  • 136 Student Leadership Institute sessions occurred.

Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management

  • More than 200 Crime Prevention Programs took place with students, faculty and staff

Residential Life

  • More than 1228 first year students are living and learning in the First Year Residential Experience Program
  • 143 First Year Residential Experience programs were offered in coordination with the ICC themes

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