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Balancing Alcohol & Substance Use to Improve College Success

Read this short article about BASICS, written by a Cornell student. Very informative!

BASICS is a confidential, one-on-one educational consultation offered to Ithaca College students.  BASICS typically involves two meetings with a health educator, scheduled approximately one week apart. The meetings are intended to assist students in examining personal drinking and drug use patterns in a judgment-free environment.

BASICS is not an abstinence-only program. Personal goals for achieving a healthy balance with substances are set by the student him/herself. Smoking cessation counseling and support may also be provided, if needed.

Already have a BASICS appointment? To find the location, follow these directions:

The Center for Health Promotion is located on the lower level of Hammond Health Center. Enter the building from the outside staircase on the parking lot side, which leads down to the Office of Counseling & Wellness. When you enter the outside door, turn right and go down the hallway and through the door ahead. The Center for Health Promotion is located across the hall from that door. That is where your BASICS meetings will be held.

For more information or to schedule a BASICS appointment, simply email us at Or call the Center for Health Promotion at (607)274-7933.

Achieve balance. Be successful!