Out for Good

Out for Good

The view from under South Hill, as interpreted by Luca

About “Out for Good”

So, what’s this blog all about anyway?

Out for Good?

I’m out.

I’m out for good.

I’ve been out as long as I can remember. I couldn’t live my life any other way. That’s my own experience, and with it comes a certain set of learnings, experiences, and sometimes adventures.

I also respect that for some people decisions about coming out and being out – how, when, if, where, why, how much – can be messy and complicated. This is a space where I’ll explore some of those ideas.

But what's this blog all about?
Sometimes just getting out of bed can seem like a major accomplishment. There are lists and lists of problems and challenges that seem all too familiar in the terrain of LGBT life. Sometimes, it just seems really hard.

And yet, there are those other times too. Where despite the pitfalls and challenges – and yes, outright discrimination and prejudice – of being part of a non-dominant group, things seem pretty good. The view (have you really stopped to look at the lake lately, that’s a beautiful sight!), the local hotspots (the Farmers Market, The Commons) and the amazing people all around IC and Ithaca…there is some pretty good stuff happening too. Even some recent legislative and public policy gains once thought unattainable have happened recently. So yes, I am also Out For Good (feel free to insert some amusing image of a superhero here).

The blog title - it’s a double entendre. I like double entendres. They can be fun, thought-provoking, comical, bittersweet...

This space is where I'll consider all things LGBT and beyond, and the ways we interact with Ithaca and with the world. Ways our unique skills and experiences can be put into practice toward positive change. Ways we can take good care of ourselves, and of each other. I’ll try to find some positive spin, where I can. And in cases where I can’t, I’ll at least try to suggest ideas for finding common ground or for moving forward.

I’ll let you know what’s on my mind. Sometimes the things on my mind are directly related to lgbt themes, and other times they’re not at all. Since we are everywhere in the world, one might say any topic could be lgbt- related in some way or another.

Under South Hill?
Yes - literally. I'm in a basement office. But in the words of a recent IC graduate, "there's nothing wrong with the office, or its can't help but feel at ease once they enter that hallway. Sometimes the door is closed, but we are warmed to know that it is there." Yes, Joshua…it’s your first blog mention : )

Now that you know a little more about my blog, happy reading!

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