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We All Count!

What happens every ten years?  (Here's a hint - it's something that's great for demographers, public policy wonks, and every last person in America).  It's Census time!  

For information about how students get counted, see Census on Campus.  Ithaca College is one of the partners of this project!  The history of the Census, along with an informative video featuring a re-enactment of the first Census, provide background and context to the way the count is performed today.

And what about LGBT people?  What do we need to know? View the catchy video, We All Count: LGBT People Count in the 2010 Census, below. And if you can't get enough of those catchy lyrics, they are spelled out for you - feel free to sing along!

For information about what questions are asked, how the info is used, and issues of particular interest to LGBT people, see these FAQs and the materials created by the US Census Bureau specifically to get the word out to LGBT people and communities, including an action flyer and palm card you can share.  Transgender?  There's information for you.  Wondering how to fill out the relationship question?  There's info about that, too.

Some people think the Census should ask people about their sexual orientation and gender identity, to try to quantify how many LGBT people live in the US.  Read more about that effort.

For even more information (delivered in a humorous style) see George Takei of Star Trek fame, and his husband Brad Altman, walk you through filling out the form.


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