Routine Duties

  1. To provide accurate information which can be disclosed to students, parents, staff, faculty, and other persons making inquiries to the Office of Residential Life, OR to appropriately refer these inquiries.
  2. To log significant contacts where an Ithaca College policy, the residential status of a student, or a student damage bill is discussed or challenged.
  3. To regularly check the FAX machine to log and promptly receive FAXes.
  4. To check the "Job Run" box at approximately 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. daily in order to deliver important Intercampus mail.
  5. To check the Communication Log at the beginning of each shift.
  6. To maintain logs, binders, and work spaces in good order.
  7. To escort contractors working in student rooms or apartments.
  8. To escort candidates for professional staff positions between their interviews, and to participate in candidate interviews.
  9. To call students regarding housing profiles, current housing status, letters for pick up and other housing matters.
  10. To handle transactions relating to Wait Lists, off-campus, other applications, room changes, off-campus listings, vacancy forms, and check-outs.
  11. To ask for proper identification and issue receipts as required.
  12. To complete assigned tasks (e.g., data entry, filing, copying, sorting, folding, posting, distributing, and shredding).
  13. To provide notice to your supervisor or another full-time staff member as to your absence from a work shift.
  14. To provide your supervisor with a telephone number at which you can be routinely reached, a local address if you live off-campus, and a contact address for necessary correspondence that may need to reach you during Summer and Winter breaks.