Student Organizations

The Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs is committed to supporting students in their development of competencies in areas that lead to greater personal success.

Involvement in student organizations is a tremendous opportunity to connect to Ithaca College, develop leadership skills, and gain experiences that will prepare students as professionals and citizens. We encourage all students to participate fully in our co-curricular offerings, as preparation for life in an ever-changing world and look forward to making that connection possible.


Student Organization Directory

Need a quick view of OSEMA Student Organizations, click here! This site offers a brief description and contact information for each student organizaiton


Student organizations must register annually with OSEMA to formally operate and to gain access to resources and the privilege of being a student organization. Ithaca College does not acknowledge organized groups of students that have not registered with us or are not coordinated by an Ithaca College department. 

Student Organization Guidebook

The Student Organization Guidebook is an introduction to the policies and procedures that affect student organizations at Ithaca College. These policies and procedures have been designed to assist student organizations in achieving their goals and operating effectively as parts of the Ithaca College community.

 Any Questions or concerns please contact the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs at 607-274-3222.