Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is one of the most popular places on campus!  With roughly 80% of our campus population passing through our doors at some point during the year, maybe it's time you check out what we have to offer!  We have something for all participants at all levels of fitness.  Whether you are looking to begin a fitness program, participate in one of our group exercise class, or getting a grip on relaxing with a go on our climbing wall (pun intended!), the Fitness Center can help you reach that goal!

Facilities - The Fitness Center has the following facilities available to the campus community:

  • Exercise Area - Our exercise area is extremely popular!  This 6,800 square-foot-space is home to more than 50 pieces of cardio equipment... as well as two circuits of selectorized machines, free weights, exercise balls, and mats!
  • Aerobics Room - A 1900-square-foot space that hosts approximately 40 group exercise classes per week, and is home to many of our recreational and instructional sport club practices.
  • Climbing Wall - Our climbing wall was built in 2005, and it stands 26 feet high!  At any given time, the climbing wall is set up with four routes of varying difficulty, as well as a variety of opportunities for bouldering!
  • Mondo Gym Floor - This 7,025 square-foot-space has a specially designed floor that hosts events, informal recreation, and intramural activities such as floor hockey, roller hockey, and soccer!
  • Wood Floor Gym - This more traditional 7,200 square-foot-space has a suspended hardwood floor, perfect for informal pickup games and intramural activities such as basketball, volleyball, and badminton.  It is also home to our climbing wall!

Cardio Equipment - We have 51 pieces of cardio equipment that challenges all levels of fitness.  Most of our cardio equipment are equipped with personal viewing screens to help pass the time and keep you motivated during your workout!  We have the following cardio equipment available:

  • Treadmills
  • Adaptive Motion Trainers
  • ARC Trainers
  • Elliptical Machines
  • Octane Machines

Fitness Equipment - In addition to our cardio selection, we have numerous other pieces of fitness equipment to assist you in your fitness goals.  Among them are:

  • Two circuits of selectorized strength machines
  • Freeweights
  • Olympic Lifting equipment
  • BOSU balls and balancing items
  • Mats for stretching and warm-up

Stop on by and take a look! 

If you have any questions about, or suggestions for equipment and facilities, drop us an e-mail at!